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Unique portable electric disinfection shoe dryer.

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The original shoe dryer

The ddryer™ shoe dryer delivers game-changing technology that lets you dry your shoes fast and easy

Powerful and easy to use

Rated voltage: 220 (V) Rated power: 20 (W) Rated frequency: 50Hz (Hz) Function: optional in-line and timing models

Dry endlessly

You buy this gadget once and it will last you forever. No more wet shoes

Go faster, go stronger, never stop.

Over 130 rainy days in one year in the US?

What are the features of our product?

  1. PTC (Positive Temperature Coefficient)
  2. Deodorize and dehumidify its immediate area.
  3. Kills all bacteria and eliminates odor by heating
  4. Surrounded by an ABS Flame Retardant shell
  5. LED Self Timer


Now i feel free to dry my shoes wherever i go and wherever i want.

When I work or when I go for a run, my shoes get wet. Then I use ddryer™, and it really helps me to immediately dry my favorite shoes to wear again

Jessica Preston
Interior Designer

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The ddryer™ is a unique portable household electric disinfection shoe dryer. This new slick design utilizes UV Constant Temperature PTC heating to dry and deodorize its immediate area. It comes in two colors, purple and white. Our premium version contains a LED self-timer.

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